News Channel 5 Interviews Kathryn Kimble of Visage Bella

Click this link to be redirected to News Channel 5 for a video interviewing VB’s Kathryn Kimble!

“MAKEUP/ KATHRYN KIMBLE/ VISAGE BELLA:Kathryn gave our very own NewsChannel 5 brides-to-be makeovers. You’ll find Kathryn at the Dior makeup counter at Dillard’s at the Mall in Green Hills. Call 297-0971 ext. 5010 for more information. She’s also the owner and makeup artist for Visage Bella, for more information you can call (615)586-4193 or visit The hairstyles were done by Holly Hodges at The Edge Salon, with a location in Belle Meade (615 353-6464) and in Brentwood (615 377-4656).” Source: