Getting to Know our 2009/10 TN Titans Cheerleaders – Beautiful Inside & Out

I was feeling under the weather this past four days in FLORIDA, actually that is an understatement but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! My assistant Jessica Burnett and I were excited to be part of an awesome team.

Our new Tennessee Titans cheerleaders are educated, beautiful and were such a pleasure working with and getting to know. As we traveled to Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort this past Monday, we had the privilege to learn about the Titans history and Bud Adams (which the girls will be tested on) impressive! Stacie, the director, spoke on etiquette for the girls. We watched the latest competition that took place on May 7th had lunch at a neat Restaurant called the Peach Park in CLANTON, AL. Yummy food!

We single filed back into the bus and in a short time, we arrived at the beautiful resort. The attention that the cheerleaders got is pretty cool to witness. Especially, watching the men and some of the women stood and watched as they came off the bus. They make people smile!

We checked-in to get ready for our evening dinner. The owner (Tom Steiner) of Marlin Grill welcomed us as we entered the resort, consequently, Jessica and I had the privilege to sit with Tom and his friends. Needless to say the food was excellent as well as the atmosphere.

It was an early night for some of us. We had to be on the set at 3:45AM walking distance to the Hotel room where hair stylists from Edge Salon and us, Visage Bella, were to set up. I loved to be a part of the creative team and watch the transformation on each Girl! WOW! Once we get a girl in our chair, we look at their bathing suits (beautiful colors and styles they picked) and then we create the image. It took Jessica and me between 30min to 45min per person.

Thanks to Christian Dior Cosmetics the foundation was cut down in time just for using Air Flash Foundation, which gave us more time to detail the eyes, Claudio Riaz Brushes were excellent especially when blending products, resulting in a flawless look.

Once they were finished they received a gift from Claudio Riaz a Claudio Riaz Contour Liquid Liner brush and from Diana Shinn a handmade hairpiece, which is a must see, check out

Tuesday evening I went home and straight to bed only to get up and do it all over again. Steve, security, asked us to go on set at the beach where they were shooting, it was so beautiful to watch the girls in action as well as watching the photographer work his magic. As an onlooker, I wanted to see what was going on, but unfortunately, we could not stay long as we needed to get back and paint more faces. The evening concluded and we were satisfied with our work done by Jessica and myself. The girls were very thankful they loved it!

Wednesday evening after a full day’s work (a repeat of Tuesday), we took an opportunity to get some rest and relaxation. Thursday we left, on the way back the mood was an overwhelming sense of exhaustion so the team was very quiet recuperating from a hectic 3 days. We watched more cheer leading competitions and sat tight while we headed back to NASHVILLE, TN.

The cheerleaders provided everyone that made this happen a thank-you card, which was awesome and thoughtful. We ended up stopping again the Peach Park restaurant and had another great lunch. We all got together for another group photo where Jessica and I were in it. Back to the bus, we went on smooth safe travel home where we said our good byes and gave our hugs.

Overall and excellet experience and we here at Visage Bella look forward to a great season with the cheerleaders and of course the TN Titans as well!

Kathryn Kimble, Visage Bella