Prophetik Press Release April 22nd, 2009

Earth Knight hosted by Ecology Boutique at Edge Hill Village last night. We had a great event, sponsors included; Drink Haus, Bonterra wine, Ask Apparel, Belmont, Snap Kids, and Rosario’s had booths educating everyone on their carbon footprint and how to leave less of an impact on the Earth. The show started with the designer Jeff Garner, doing a dramatic repel off a building (see video).Prophetik is a organic sustainable brand based in Franklin TN and made in the USA.  Featured dresses painted on by elephants in Thailand, all proceeds went to Asian Elephant Art Conservatory Project. Models from Reflection Agency. Hair was done by Rodney Mitchell Salon and make up by Kathryn Kimble of Visage Bella.  Manic Bloom and DJ COCO performed during the show. Celebrity guest, Kristen Motif was in attendance sporting a Prophetik dress and her Miss Tennessee sash. 

Photos credit Jefferson Dorsey. See more photos and Video at 

Hope to see you at our next event.

Jennifer Vogel
Designer Assistant


2 thoughts on “Prophetik Press Release April 22nd, 2009

  1. Another quick thank you to the following people:

    Colleen “CC” Curtis as well as her fellow producer Cynthia Neilson (Girls on Fire) were the two women working with us behind the scenes. CC is the producer of Firepit Friday Media Group. She has production credits with Universal Pictures, NBC, Reel Fire Films – just to name a few of her projects. CC has several amazing images, professional and of the utmost quality. She shot these before and during the Prophetik show.

    Click the following link to get taste of what CC’s artistic eye captured:

    Cynthia Neilson is a former New York casting director, actress, and stuntwoman. Cynthia’s credits include, Hannibal, Stepmom, All My Children, it will take too long to list the many accolades these amazing women are accredited with during their life time. Cynthia also stepped in and assisted with makeup application when there was a time crunch before the Prophetik show. Thank you Cynthia!

    We also want to extend our gratitude to Artist Garden Entertainment for reccomending Kathryn and Visage Bella to be a part of “Earth Knight”. Thank you everyone for all of your hard work and help.


    Rachel K Edmonds

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